Harry JowseyJust tapped from the rumor mill

The episode airs on his February 8th. EnterPodcast, Too hot to handleThe alum addresses recent dating speculations and offers his advice. Khloe Kardashian. After clarifying his position, he said that the Keep Up with the Kardashians star are “not dating” and “it’s all fake,” Harry explained how the rumors—which claimed that he had recently “picked up a Bentley and flowers” to give to Khloe—came to be. Even though he admitted to fueling some gossip, a few of them were his own.

“I wish that these rumors were true,” he said. He said, “If this relationship occurred, we would be set for the rest of our lives.”

Harry says the rumor originated on an Instagram account, which shares unrevealed celebrity gossip. He suspects someone submitted a bogus tip to it after he had posted on his Instagram Story that he was “gonna go surprise someone special” with gifts. After the false rumor spread among other accounts linking Harry and Khloe to it, he decided to take matters into his own hands and be a “f–king scumbag”.