Check out what 2022 will bring to the eyewear industry. This advice will give you an inspiring view of the future when it involves eyewear prescription glasses.

Here are the hottest spectacles trends for 2022. While opticals may not be the most popular trend, there are many trends for glasses. Eyeglasses, once the least-known item among them, are enjoying a revival.

After thousands of virtual meetings and shoulders up dressing—prescription eyewear trends have risen to the fore of fashion as an item to emphasize your face. They can be used as finishing elements, much like great necklaces.

If you look at it this way, glasses should complement your natural features rather than be viewed as an alternative. You will see clearly and your facial features may be enhanced by the right eyeglasses.
After you have asked the question about your vision, it is time to ask what trendy styles of eyewear are available for women this year. It all depends on what your face shape is. Here’s the scoop from our fashion guru.
Cat’s eyes are one of the most well-known styles for eyeglasses. They look great on all faces, regardless of what shape they may have. Experts predict it will be big this year.

According to an optometrist, eyeglasses featuring cat-eye opticals have become very popular in women’s fashions. Optical Center is home to the top-rated sunglasses and eyeglass brands. Fashion houses are gravitating towards timeless silhouettes in classic hues like black, tortoiseshell and soft blues.

Julia Roberts (pictured above), Elizabeth Banks (pictured below), and Gwyneth paltrow all wore thick-rimmed spectacles in order to show their geek chic, even though they are originally known for literary nerdiness. Marie Wilkinson, Style Director Cutler & Gross, says that lockdown is partly to blame for the growth in their popularity:

People prefer to have sharper frames to enhance profiles that are softer from lockout.

Tips for your personal appearance

If you’re afraid that a classic black frame may wipe you out, search for thick-framed eyeglasses in softer tones such as navy, dark red or go for an option such as colored or transparent frames in the same form. These trends are not limited to designer glasses. The Optical Center frame stylist says, ‘The cat-eye design is a statement appearance that wins every time so I’m really delighted to see this style returning as a fashion go-to for 2022. These triangular tips look great on most faces, but especially with an accentuated jawline. Cat-eye glasses emphasize your brow arch, calling attention to your face’s high points and is a terrific way to add some fun into your daily look.’

Tips for your personal appearance

When picking your style, be sure to pay attention to the breadth of frames—they should stretch to the same width as your face or slightly beyond. Add a diamond or exaggerated point at the ends of your cat’s eyeglasses to make them more attractive. You can pair this look with your most classic midi dresses.