Bridgerton was challenging because your skin is being put through so much, you’re not getting enough sleep, and they’re putting makeup on you everyday. While I don’t normally wear much foundation, the daily makeup application of powder and foundation to my skin clogs up my pores. This is very harsh on your skin. When you get a spot it lasts for like three weeks if you’re not able to take care of yourself. I love Sunday Riley Juno Oil. It is a wonderful product, especially during winter. It works well both day and night. 

It is great for restoring the moisture barrier, minimizing dryness, dullness and dark circles. Sephora has over 60.5K+ customers who love this oil. One Sephora customer shared, “I have been using it for one week and I am seeing immediate results!” My skin tends to be drier. This product adds so much moisture to my skin and gives it a glow. !!!!” is HIGHLY recommended.