Parents love Touchdown

The Bachelor season 24 alum Hannah Ann Sluss, who confirmed her relationship with Los Angeles Rams running back Jake Funk in February, told CelebHomes News that their families have already met each other.

She stated, “I had met his parents.” Then, the next week, my parents came out of Tennessee. He and his parents made the journey to California, and they had fun meeting them.

He is loved by them, she said. He’s a wonderful fit for them, they think.

Sluss, 25, said Funk, 24, is set to join her for a hometown visit to Tennessee this summer. According to her, he will see her upbringing in the country and that will be a lot of fun.

Funk and Sluss share “a common vision for the future” according to Sluss. She also said, “I don’t want anything to change about him.” He’s my friend, and I just love being with him.”