Karen, Ray, Rayvin and their family celebrated the premier of Grande Dame Reunion at Air Restaurant and Lounge in D.C. on April 16.

Rayvin’s natural ability to capture Rayvin on film led to us to wonder: Would Rayvin ever be able to follow her mother and transition to being a professional photographer? Real Housewives?

“Anything’s possible! Karen shared that she would do anything if she felt the time was right and she wanted to, according to CelebHomes. She isn’t afraid to use the microphone or the television. She’s very confident and intelligent. This is a choice she’ll make when the opportunity presents itself.

There have been sisters at the Real HousewivesBefore franchise (Kim RichardsYou yell “You stole my goddamn place!” I can think of no other way to describe it than a mother and her daughter.

“Oh, Lord. “Oh, Lord. Karen added, “I will not rule out any possibility.” It’s amazing that she has this gene. “I’m open for any and all opportunities that are good for me and my family, that lifts and empowers and takes us to the next level.”

We fantasize about Karen & Rayvin getting toe-to-toe GizelleAnd RobynPart one: Get your Hugers fix! The Real Housewives of Potomac – Karen’s Grande Dame Reunion Airs at 8 PM on Bravo, April 17.

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