Hailey BieberThe only purpose of this statement is to correct the record.

RadarOnline published an Instagram comment by the model. It speculated that she was expecting her first baby and was currently pregnant. Justin Bieber. On April 4, the Saint Laurent “flowing dress” that she wore to the 2022 Grammys red-carpet was believed by fans to conceal a baby bump.

Hailey refuted the “Baby” myth with a simple statement: “I am not pregnant, leave me alone.”

Hailey, 25 years old, attended Grammys as a support for Justin (28), and his eight Grammy nominations. Although he did not take home a golden gramophone, he still left with his date by his side. Justin donned a Balenciaga suit in an oversize size, with a pink beanie, and Crocs for the occasion.

Although she is not pregnant at the moment, Hailey expressed her desire to become a mother.

Justin’s Amazon Prime documentary. Justin Bieber: Our WorldThe singer of “Yummy”, says that her 2021 goal is to have more fun and set new goals. Family is my priority.” He added, “And hopefully we get a nugget.”