Caitlyn JennerShe revealed her secrets for keeping up with grandkids.

CelebHomes News Exclusive Interview Steven TylerCaitlyn spoke at the 4th Annual Grammy Awards Viewing Party, April 3. She explained her methods of staying informed about all her grandchildren and their birthdays.

Caitlyn stated, “I keep track on them all on my laptop.” “It pops up and says ‘Birthday!’ It’s the only way that you can track it all.

As the reality TV star pointed out, scheduling help is needed. Her daughter Kylie Jenner had a baby boy in February and son BurtHe welcomed his third baby, a girl. GoldieIn March.

Caitlyn explained, “I have quite a few children.” “A lot of children and that goes into many grandkids. We just had our twenty-first grandchild.”

With these thoughts in mind the TV host revealed that she always has a stash of gift ideas for her fans.

She said that she loved “especially little stuffed animals” and was happy to support the Janie’s Fund. These things are always in my hands, especially for little children. All of them love it.”