Dustin Lynch has been “Thinking ‘Bout You.”

The country music singer knows that the coronavirus pandemic forced his fans to cancel their plans and stay away from life’s great pleasures like concerts and large gatherings. But as Dustin releases his fifth studio album, Blue in the Sky, on Feb. 11, the Nashville resident hopes his music gives listeners permission to drink and party safely again.

Dustin shared exclusively with CelebHomes News that “that was the driving force behind every song.” We were not on the road. We weren’t touring…I was at my farm in Tennessee, outside a lot working hard so doing life like that was new for me. There was more to it than just travel and hustle. It was much more casual and laid-back, and this album and the contents reflect that.

Dustin missed his group of friends who love to hang out on the water, drink and end a night with a casual house party. Thanks to songs like “Tequila on a Boat” featuring Chris Lane, listeners are able to get a taste of Dustin’s life while also embracing some sunshine of their own.