The mind can be a powerful thing—even when you’ve lost it. 

Gugu Mbatha–RawIn this clip, she is not able to recall what happened on her wedding night. Surface‘s August 5 episode on Apple TV+.

SurfaceMbatha Raw stars in Sophie. The streamer says that Sophie has been left with severe memory loss after sustaining a trauma to her head. It is believed this was the result of an attempted suicide. Sophie sets out on a mission to find the answers to her questions with her husband, friends and family.

The sneak peek shows James, Sophie’s husband (Oliver Jackson-Cohen() Takes her to an indoor swimming pool. She is then forced to tell the story of how the couple got there that night.

James tells Sophie, “After everybody went to bed we couldn’t sleep so we sneaked into here and went swimming.” We were the only ones. You won’t remember it, though.