Brittney Griner has been sentenced to nine years in prison after a Russian court convicted the WNBA star on drug charges, stemming from her February arrest at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Griner was found guilty on Aug. 4 of drug possession, smuggling, and she also committed this crime intentionally. She was also sentenced for nine years.  

The decision was announced shortly after closing arguments, during which Russian prosecutors asked for Griner to get nine and a half years in prison on the cannabis possession charges.  

In February, Brittney was arrested in Moscow after local authorities said they found vape cartridges containing cannabis oil in her belongings.

Her wife was taken into custody after the arrest of Phoenix Mercury star. Cherelle Griner, has been tirelessly supporting her through the ordeal, sharing that she has been in communication with U.S. officials to try to get her spouse freed. 

Brittney wrote an open letter to President Obama on July 4. Joe BidenWriting that she’s “terrified of being here forever,”