“As an African woman, I have learned many things about myself.” have to advocate for myselfSet clear boundaries, because I won’t be able to do this for anyone else. she argued, adding in another tweet, “I’m emotionally intelligent enough to know the difference between someone being genuinely excited, and someone being an A–hole. It was only for the A–holes. However, this is not true. nothing wrong with telling people how you want to be addressed.”

She addedPeople hate it when black people advocate for their own interests and it shows. It’s not wild to me that I thought what I said was crazy.

Amber is happy to have her name called Amber, even though she prefers her family’s birth name. Glee. When one Twitter user commented that it seemed like the star was “ready to say goodbye to Mercedes,” Amber clarified in her response, “I’ll never say goodbye to her, ever. “I love her.”

Amber was a Mercedes-Benz driver on GleeFrom 2009 through 2015, the series ended after six seasons.

She has continued her acting career, appearing on hit shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend And Sketch Show by A Black LadyYou can also see televised musicals such as Live at The Wiz The Little Mermaid Lives! Her stage performances included productions by Dreamgirls Little Shop of Horrors.