Do not look at this number when you are working!

The film is a hit with audiences. Do not look up, and there is one detail in the disaster dramedy that is sparking a whole different kind of conversation.

Curious viewers tried to call the FEMA 1-800 phone number, but were stunned to learn that it connects to an online sex service.

Director, despite it being perfectly appropriate for the comedy, does not agree with this. Adam McKay insists the X-rated connection “was a pure accident.”

McKay explained that they were going to create a telephone line for such things. McKay told Insider that we did not think about it and couldn’t get our phone numbers in time so we just used a random number. We never intended it to become a hotline for sex.

He added, “Unless Netflix picked it for me and I wasn’t aware of it,” It’s not possible. That would have been a deliberate act.