Gabby Windey Rachel RecchiaThese days, a handful of them have been The Mean Girls

Trailer for season 16 of BacheloretteGabby and Rachel will discuss this in the book BothFirst, act as Bachelorettes and channel the two of them. Rachel McAdamsRegina George, from the iconic 2004 film.

Rachel says “Get out of your misery, we’re heading shopping”, imitating Regina’s “Get in your misery, we’re headed shopping” phrase.

Gabby laughs and responds “For a husband.” 

What features can you find in this trailer? LizzoRachel and Gabby, who are appearing in “Water Me”, wear matching rose-patterned dresses as they load luggage into a vehicle with a “BFFs” license plate.

As Gabby and Rachel toss flowers in the air, the tagline “Two best friends. One unbelievable journey. It’s petal-to-the-metal this season. All over the screen, splashes.

Good flower puns are a favorite of ours.

This trailer was uploaded to Instagram. BacheloretteHost Jesse Palmer commented: “I’m coming along (I’m hiding in the trunk…)”