Ashley GrahamLike it was yesterday, she remembers when her twin boys were born.

At 2 am on January 7, the supermodel felt contractions. Three a half hours later, Ashley became the mom to Malachi Ervin and Roman Ervin. The speedy delivery of a baby may seem like an ideal scenario for some mothers. Here’s a short essay about it. GlamAshley remembered how frightening the whole process was.

Ashley began to feel anxious and started blacking out. Later, she learned that her severe hemorhage was the cause.

“All I can recall is feeling a slight touch on my cheek. Which I discovered later was my husband smacking the crap off my cheek. Justin [Ervin]”In my ear praying, and somebody jabbing me with needles in my arm,” she wrote May 20, 2012. “And, I recall seeing dark and what looked like stars.

Ashley was awoken by her midwife, who and her team of professionals attempted to calm her down. Ashley was certain that something wasn’t right.