It’s yours! Nanny FayeCrack a NSFW joke.

The Chrisley Knows Best matriarch has a few favors to ask on tonight’s all-new episode, and who else does she turn to in this exclusive sneak peek but her son Todd ChrisleyGrandson ChaseHis best friend and the man he loves most Elliot

The first request isn’t too complicated—Nanny Faye simply needs some filing help. 

Unfortunately, Todd doesn’t believe that it will happen because he hasn’t filed his own paperwork. Chase also doesn’t want to help, citing a broken heart. 

He attempts to convince himself that he is going through a breakup with Nanny. “Me and EmmyReally had something special, so I’m just going though way too much right now.”

Todd doesn’t buy it though! He responds, “Get the hell outside!” 

Chase’s excuse ends with a resounding naught. Nanny Faye tells Chase that he needs another favor to distract from his ex.