Can we join Keanu Reeves‘ stunt team? 

After this news, there will be many fans asking the same question. John Wick star—and some luxe presents he gifted the stunt team for the fourth installment of his beloved franchise. According to screenshots circulating online. the actor gifted stuntmen Bruce Concepcion. Jeremy Marinas, Dave CamarilloAnd Li Qiang Rolex watches. Reeves didn’t stop at thoughtfulness. Reeves also engraved timepieces with special messages. 

“The John Wick Five,” the message was read along with their names. “Thanks Keanu JW4 2021.”

Marinas declared on social media that she received the “best wrap gift ever.” CelebHomes News reached out to Reeves for comment. 

The gift was intended to mark the official wrap of the upcoming John Wick 4The sequel was originally scheduled to be released in May. However, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the actor’s other commitments, the sequel was pushed to May 27, 2022. Reeves will be starring in the sequel. The Matrix ResurrectionsOut this December.