Check out these reviews from customers to learn more about this treatment for your feet.

Amazon customer declared, “A miracle for my terrible feet.”

Another one said “BEYOND MY WILDEST EXPECTATIONS!” WOW. Simply WOW. Although I don’t often have the time or energy to review products, these are the best. It was horrible. It was thick skin and it looked crusty. To make things worse, these salons do not permit razors to being used during a pedicure. I tried to use blades but failed.
Then, a friend recommended this product to me ….. I then decided that it was worth a shot. Yes. Yes. This is truly amazing. Don’t walk. Run and get this stuff.

One fan raved about the product, saying “These are amazing!” We use these products a couple of times per year with my mother and we have so much fun picking the skin off that falls off.

One shopper stated, “I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT MY FEET AND EYES LOOK LIKE!”  It is truly amazing. “I will be looking forward to having a skin peel once in a while.”

One other person said, “Most fulfillingly disgusting thing that you will ever do.” Your feet will feel baby soft …. You will have a blast and your feet are sure to love it. If it fails to work, don’t worry. The real strange stuff takes at least a couple of days to occur. “FuNnNnNnNn.”