Do not let a PDA fool your!

This was done earlier in the week Farrah Abraham appeared to be off the market when she was photographed holding hands with musician Mack Lovat. The pair were spotted kissing while they enjoyed a Los Angeles afternoon in a park.

Farrah revealed to CelebHomes News, however, that she is still single.

Mack. She said that Mack was not able to handle the public spotlight well. “I am more confident at the moment in my personal life, so while I have to adjust to new dating terms from my 12-step guidelines program and take it slow, I really look forward to dating. It’s the best time of my life.

The former Teen Mom star recently stepped away from the public eye to visit a trauma treatment center. Although it is not clear how long she was there, MTV’s former reality TV star described the experience recently as “life-changing.”