Steve IrwinHis family remembers him and is thinking of him during his special day.

Monday November 15th, Steve IrwinTwo children shared their father’s legacy through a series emotional Instagram posts. Steve’s daughter, 23 years old, said that his legacy would live on for ever. Bindi Irwin wrote. “I love for even longer. November 15th, Steve Irwin Day. The caption included a throwback to Steve and Bindi as she sat next to the ocean in their childhood.

Robert IrwinBindi shared an older picture that he took of him and Steve as children, sitting under a tree and looking up at the camera. “Today is #SteveIrwinDay,” Steve’s 17-year-old son wrote. Today, I was thinking a lot about my dad and how he impacted our world. He inspired countless generations. It’s amazing to think back on him as a father. The memories of dad are relived through a lifetime on film and the stories shared by my family members and friends. Every day I remember him and I love him. It means so much to my family and me that we get to share in the celebration of what he stands for each year.