It would not have been possible. Everydaybeen even sadder.

EuphoriaThe second season of’s Season Two was chaotic by any standard. Sydney Sweeney didn’t think her character, Cassie Howard, would make it past the season finale. 

In the premiere episode of season two—”Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door”—Nate (Jacob ElordiCassie drives to a party with a friend while driving fast and having a few beers. Cassie, at one point is not buckled and extends her body from the window. Sydney thought this scene would be her final when she first saw it.

“I was thinking that.” [series creator Sam Levinson]She said, “It was killing me.” Entertainment Weekly. “I was certain that I was going be killed.”

For fans of the hopeless romantics, this was not the case.

She continued, “The hanging out of the window was actually just me hanging out of the window.” The incident was completely random. It was a random and very in-the-moment event. But I realized that Cassie was being killed. This really upset me. Then it became this strangely sexual, and dangerous relationship between the characters. The result was what it is today. 

The result was an unhealthy, on-and off relationship. Cassie and Nate also lost their friendship.Alexa Demie).