Bill HaderHis family includes many comedians. 

During his April 25 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Barry actor shared how he was tricked into meeting Chris PrattWhen he was 42 and went out with his three girls to eat in a restaurant, he said: Hayley, 7, Harper9 and Hannah, 12.

“I go, ‘Guys, don’t freak out, but Guardians of the GalaxyHe said, “You know,” to the host. Jimmy Kimmel. “My daughters are like, ‘Oh, my God!'”

Harper, Bill’s daughter, said to her dad she knew about the Jurassic World actor’s son, Jack, 9, who was with his dad, and wanted to say hello. 

“The 9-year-old, who was eight at the time, was like, ‘I know his son.’ And I go, ‘Really?’ She’s like, ‘Yes, I know his son. Do you mind if I went over to say hello? I’m like, ‘He’s eating, just leave him alone, please.'”

Bill, 43, and his girls—whose mom is Bill’s ex-wife Maggie Carey—continued eating, and after he paid the tab, Harper asked again if she could go speak to Chris’ son before they left.