Dominic FikeFor co-star, went beyond euphoria Hunter Schafer.
You can find a profile here GQIn the June/July issue of, the actor at 26 years old opened up to us about his love life with him. It was published on May 31.Euphoria co-star, Hunter, 23.
He said that in those moments your relationship with someone is enhanced because you are so open and vulnerable. It usually takes many years. People fall in love with one another months, years, and even months later. We developed an attraction—it sped it up so fast. “We just got to know each others so fast.”

Hunter played Jules EuphoriaSince the 2019 HBO premiere, Dominic has joined the cast of the show as Elliot. Season two aired earlier in the year.

Jules Elliot is deeply connected to Elliot, so life seems to mimic art for Jules: GQIt was noted that he had visited Prada in New York City once before. EightHunter appeared in ads on windows for four days, and it was only one of many times. (She was made the face of the luxury brand in the last year.