Warning: This article contains spoilers from the fourth season of Season 4.Stranger Things

You can support Jonathan and Nancy by clicking here Stranger ThingsMost likely, your feelings are a bit upside-down.

The fourth season of Stranger ThingsJonathan was the actor who played the part of ‘,’ which premiered May 27, 2017 on Netflix. Charlie HeatonNancy and?, both played by Natalia DyerAfter the events of season 3, which saw him and his family move, he is now trying to establish a long-distance romance with. Nancy and Steve, her ex-boyfriend () are still available while Jonathan is on vacation.Joe KeeryAllow them to reconnect as you investigate Hawkins’ new mystery. Although nothing ever happens between them, there’s a strong connection.

This left us curious: With whom will Nancy end up? This led us to ask the stars: Who will Nancy end up with? Stranger ThingsTo weigh in on the love triangle.

Keery refused any information and remained coy as he chatted with CelebHomes News. While You were StreamingWe don’t know what will happen, he said.

CelebHomes News was assured by Keery that CelebHomes News viewers are also in the dark. He stated that The Duffer Brothers were the ones who created CelebHomes News and that “they don’t tell us anything.”

Keery seemed happy just to be reunited with Dyer.  “These are two characters who have gone through a lot,” she explained to CelebHomes. It’s great to see the two of them reconnecting.