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It is the chokehold Euphoria’s fashion and beauty looks stillThe latest Y2K trend: Hair decor. The trend is even being adopted by celebrities. Hailey Bieber wore the most adorable baby braids at Coachella weekend 1. This trend, which is a big deal at festivals, was evident when Coachella saw it-girls all over wearing baby braids and pearls. 

Although we are taking our inspiration from TV stars and famous glam squads, the trend is very easy to implement and manageable. Euphoria’s Makeup Artist Kirsten Sage Coleman and Costume Designer Heidi Bivens have even said the rhinestones they used on some of the show’s most iconic beauty looks came from Amazon. We’re especially obsessed with Alexa Demie and Sydney Sweeney’s rhinestoned-hair for Euphoria. 

See below to find 15 Amazon hair accessories for your hair.