Sharon Osbourneshe shares her love Ozzy OsbourneFollowing his COVID-19 diagnostic.

This video was shared by The Talk UKOn TwitterSharon was overcome with emotion as Sharon revealed that Ozzy had been recently diagnosed. She assured him that she had spoken to Ozzy and that he was fine.

Sharon stated that she is still worried for Ozzy, but Sharon did not deny her distress. It’s been two years since he was last seen with COVID, so it is only Ozzy’s good fortune that he’ll catch it.

How are Ozzy’s family members doing? She predicted that the Osbourne patriarch would be supported by everyone.

“Unfortunately, the diagnosis was made in the middle night. They were all asleep so I didn’t speak to them. However, they will rally around,” she said. They’ll be there for him.

Sharon was in the UK as TalkTV’s host for their new show. The TalkShe said that Ozzy would be joining her when she returned home from the U.S. When she returns, she said that she will hold Ozzy and kiss him. However, she would do this with three masks.