Information about new developments Mary Mara‘s death have been revealed.

CelebHomes News was informed by the New York State Police that they had confirmed that CelebHomes News received it on June 29, 2009. ERStar’s death resulted from water drowning and asphyxiation. The death was declared accidental by authorities as there weren’t any signs of trauma. 

Three days earlier, on June 26, Mara was found dead after a suspected drowning incident while swimming in the St. Lawrence River, according to a New York State Police press release. Her age was 61. 

Soon after Mara’s death, her manager spoke out about the actress who was best known for her recurring role as Loretta Sweet on ER.

“Mary was one in a million—one of the best actresses I ever met,” her manager Craig Dorfman said in a statement. I saw her on Broadway for the first-time in 1992. Mad Forest Her charisma was unmatched. “She was an extraordinary woman, brilliantly funny, and will be greatly missed.”