Iced lattes are a must-have! Emma Chamberlain is back!

The 21-year old gave viewers a peek into her New York City life after taking six months to stop posting YouTube videos. She interviewed street people in an interview titled “What’s good about New York.”

Emma went to the local CVS, bought markers, and wrote “PLEASE LET ME ASK YOU ONE QUESTION FOR MY YOUTUBE VIDEO.”

She said, “This is how you make friends.” “I don’t know how I can make friends any more. In a very long time, I’ve not made friends. Ugh. It’s making me feel like an f-king prankster.

Emma spoke to some volunteers a couple of minutes later and asked them, “Where is your favourite place to eat in New York?” 

Emma also stopped by a subway station, visited Times Square and went to the top of the Empire State Building. “I feel like I’m in Batman,” she said on the structure’s observation deck. According to Youtubers, the experience was rated “8.5” out of 10.