New York City’s sparks are set to fly.

HBO Max’s official Instagram account was launched on June 22nd. Gossip Girl reboot quietly released a teaser for season two. As the footage suggests, fans of the original CW show will be delighted by the uploaded teaser. Michelle Trachtenberg will be reprising her role of bad girl Georgina Sparks.

Alongside grainy footage of a dark haired beauty sitting alone in a theater, a warning flashed across the screen, “It only takes one spark to start a fire.”

Outside Blair Waldorf (Leighton MeesterGeorgina ( OneTo stir the Upper East Side soup. So you can see how we are quite confident in her eventual return.

Showrunner Joshua SafranMichelle could also be mentioned, as she was the troublemaking socialite in 2007-2012. If you asked Twitter which season would have the most “messy” characters, it was Michelle. he replied“What is messy?” What is fun? Is it destruction or fun on purpose? Similar answer I think – check out the post by GG today.