SR:Our bad moments will come. It’s what you can see in this trailer. 

CC:It’s true that I am learning to communicate with people when I get frustrated. However, this hasn’t been the case for me yet. 

SR:A show is not complete without some kind of revealing information that may surprise you.

CC:It was exactly as we intended.

SR:No punches were exchanged. 

CC:There was one incident that happened, and it involved wrestling. 

CelebHomes. What is the most exciting thing for you and your fans this season?

CC:The store is my favorite. Sewing Down South has not been seen by many people. It hadn’t been shown on television yet as a lot of the events took place in recent years. My beginnings were difficult, I could not get out of my own ways and was locked in my dining area. You now get to really see the business.  

SR:It’s for me a love, or romance. I can’t wait to share it with the public. It’s also for me personally. That should be quite interesting. So get ready!