Elon Musk Would you like to own? Last laugh

On July 10, the SpaceX CEO shared a meme of himself laughing in response to Twitter saying it would pursue legal action against him for backing out of their $44 billion deal to buy the social media platform.

Musk tweetedFour images were taken of him in different stages of laughter, with captions saying “They said they couldn’t sell Twitter.” Then, they refused to disclose any bot information. Then they wanted to make me buy Twitter. They now have to reveal bot information in court.

He then followed the post with a meme of Chuck Norris playing chess with only one pawn on his side of the board, while his competitor had a complete set of pieces on the other side, tweeting, “Chuckmate.”

Musk’s posts come two days after he announced that he was pulling out of his agreement with Twitter, alleging that the platform would not disclose how many bots were using the site.