Big Brother alums are coming to the defense of contestant Taylor Hale.

After the July 10, episode of Big Brother, multiple former contestants spoke out about the season 24 cast’s treatment of the beauty queen, who feels like an outcast among the houseguests, particularly the females.

Taylor’s most loyal supporters include Xavier PratherThe winner of season 23 was the actor 'The Cookout’, who also served as a member in good standing with all-Black groups The Cookout. His words were: “Members from the Black community (especially Black females) are no chances in Big Brother House, due to the perpetuation micro-aggressions. Twitter. “I acknowledge my shortcomings during my time on Big Brother and can’t help but feel partially responsible for the reprehensible behavior I see being exhibited by current houseguests who consider me one of their ‘favorites.’ “I’m sorry for contributing to this ongoing problem.” 

Xavier said, “I have tried to learn from the conduct of my actions and to educate myself so I can support those who are in need, just as I am trying to for Taylor.”