Many of us abide by the principle of “work hard, play hard.” But when you’re TV mogul, Ellen DeGeneres, you play hard, buy hard, own hard, sell hard, and repeat from the top. About a few months ago, she sold a 26-acre ranch along with wife Portia de Rossi for almost $11 million. Now, the coupled designer enthusiasts have a 13,511 sq ft estate to add to their miraculous real estate history, courtesy of Ellen. Accompanying the 6 bed and 9.5 bath expanse is a Land Rover, courtesy of…….well……..Ellen! It was a late holiday gift for the wifey, or one of late holiday gifts for that matter.

The 2.3 acre property is sitting large and in charge in L.A.. You know what else is large? Apparently, the nickname “Brody.” And, the price tag of course. But, not as large as you may think. We’re talkin’ laaaaaarger. Ellen reportedly laid down $39.888 million for the mansion. It boasts both high-class and traditional homey living. Indeed, the estate has modest high ceilings. Some of the rooms would be great for entertaining guests at a classy Ellen party. There’s also a private hidden outdoor patio area, where you can find a fireplace. Some amenities include a pool, gym, tennis court, and gated entrance. Great buy Ellen, great buy. Now send some of that money over here!

Address: Unknown