There’s a good chance that Eddie Murphy did party all the time, as the title of his 80’s hit suggests, from the time (1998) he purchased a 12,600+ sq ft hotel-like estate in Granite Bay to the time (2007) he sold it. His former palace was listed on the market about a week ago for $12 million. Meanwhile, Eddie has plans to be in more Daddy Daycare movies. Kidding! Judging by the info IMDB has on Mr. Murphy, he may very well be slowly, but surely, returning to more harder on-screen stuff. As for his former expanse, it’s still going hard and strong.

The 2.5 acre property has much to offer for the current asking price. For starters, it has two separate exercise rooms. One caters mostly to yoga and boxing, while the other accommodates some machines and a full rack of freeweights. The two-story 10 bed and 14 bath floor plan is pure elegance. Moving in with kids? No problem. One of the rooms is a game room. For the adults, kick back with some brewskis (or wine) at the billiards room. A handful of other amenities are included: sprinkler system, security system, intercom, ceiling fans, pool, hot tub, RV parking………..pretty much everything you need. Oh yes, there’s also a 5,200 sq ft guest house on the premises.

Address: 9125  Vista De Lago Ct, Granite Bay CA 95746