Get rid of those uniforms from school. Elite It’s almost back!

Netflix will release all eight episodes in its fifth season. The Netflix drama for teens dives into the darker side of Las Encinas, a fictional secondary school.

After Phillipe’s New Year’s Eve celebration, the new season will begin.Pol Granch), as the murder of Armando (Andrés Velencoso) at the hands of Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau() towers above everything

While most of the cast from season four are back, there’s a new group. Valentina ZenereAnd André Lamoglia. Zenere is Isadora, a young heiress in a vast nightlife enterprise. Lamoglia is Iván, son of the world’s biggest soccer star.

The series co-creator Carlos MonteroFans of EliteI haven’t yet seen any.

He said that he was both a creator as well as a viewer and it “stimulates me, comforts, and encourages me.” And the fifth season is so wonderful, so alive, I know that it will be a series I return to more than two and three times. This is an experience that will delight the senses.