“They didn’t make it forever and always after, but they’re still friends!”

Drew BarrymoreHer ex-husband Tom GreenOn Oct. 26, they had their first face to face reunion in almost 20 year.

Drew welcomed the comedian as a special guest to her talk show on Tuesday. Drew introduced Tom to Drew as “someone really near me”, and Drew sat down at the table with Tom. Ross MatthewsWe talked about Tom’s 2020 cross-country road trip. 

Drew and Tom, who were married between July 2001 and October 2002, shared their memories of a trip to Ireland which involved long hikes and random goats. Drew mentioned that it was one her favorite trips, and Tom then revealed the reason behind their trip. He said, “It was our honeymoon.” 

Drew was touched by the memories adding, “and that was a good one.” Ross asked the pair if their reunion was just as surreal for them as it was to him.