Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak?

Did you know?B.J. Novak is the face of a cologne in Sweden and paint in Uruguay? The Office alum didn’t!

“Years ago, somebody mistakenly placed an image of me online on a public domain website,” he said on Monday, October 26, in his Instagram Story. “And now apparently I am on products around the globe.”

The actor showed off some of the many products his face is used to promote, including a rainponcho and an electric face shaver. 

So why didn’t he correct this hilarious error? “I am just too amused to do anything,” he wrote in his Story post. 

Novak is not the only actor who is now well-known. There are also many photos from years ago that are still around. Marvel star has been spotted by fans Simu LiuIn ads, too. Stock images he posed for in 2014—years before his starring role on Kim’s Convenience as Jung Kim—continue to be used to this day for things like gym ads, storefronts and pamphlets. The photo shoot cost Liu $120, but the pictures have had a far greater lasting power.