Julianna MarguliesFeels good about her role The Morning ShowEven if it causes some controversy.

The Monday, October 25th episode of CBS MorningsThe Good wife alum discussed playing UBA news anchor Laura Peterson, who currently has a romantic story line with Reese Witherspoon‘s character, Bradley Jackson, in season two of the Apple TV+ hit. Margulies shared that the role resonated with Margulies and her cohost. Nate Burleson asked her to weigh in on the question of whether straight actors should portray LGBTQ+ characters.

She said, “I can understand that.” “I would also respond that we all make assumptions about who I am, what my past is, and what all our pasts are.”

The former ERThe actress continued to say that she would never play someone of a different raciality, but added, “I’m an actress and I am supposed portray another character, whatever their sexuality doesn’t really matter to me.”

Margulies questioned Margulies about her point further: “Are they telling me that just because I’m a mom, I can’t play any woman who’s never had children?” Or if you haven’t been married, do you think you can’t be a married woman?