The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsSeason 12 just got started. Some cast members may not be ready for the next season.

“I’m scared,” Garcelle Beauvais admitted during CelebHomes News’ Daily PopApril 31. This season is a roller coaster ride.

Traveling abroad to be a “friend” of a friend is Sheree Zampino, who Garcelle recruited. And while Sheree Is certainly no stranger to fame—she’s Will Smith‘s ex-wife, after all—Garcelle said that the Sheree Elizabeth, Inc. entrepreneur wasn’t exactly prepared for all of the drama that comes with being a reality TV star. 

“I threw her in,” Garcelle joked. “It is Housewives.”

Still, “She really holds her own in life,” Garcelle continued, “but I think she was surprised when she got on the show, because every 15 minutes, she’d be like, ‘What the hell? You know what you got me into! 

Garcelle expressed her overall opinion that Garcelle believes RHOBHFans will find Sheree refreshing. And regardless of who they favor out of the other cast members—including Kyle RichardsDorit KemsleyLisa RinnaSutton StrackeCrystal Kung MinkoffDiana Jenkins Erika Jayne—viewers are sure to see them get plenty of camera time.