Realty is an interesting business as there are several factors which play heavily into a home’s value. 

Many listings use the amenities and quality features of the home to sell, while other random facts can take effect, such as who owned the house.

Yes, as weird as the concept may be, if a celebrity is current or prior to a home, it drives up the value of the house.

It’s viewed as what some in the industry call a status standard, or essentially a bragging right, for the next owner.

You may be wondering do all celebrities have realtors? Here are several ways that celebrities sell their homes.

1. Status

This one may seem a bit obvious, but celebrities have a lot of connections in their network to sell their home to. Many of their friends are in the same tax bracket, so they have several “leads” from the get-go.

Not only that, their connections have connections. That gives them access to the experts and the experience that they have in selling or redesigning a home.

For many people, buying a home means they’ll be using the house they buy in almost the same condition it’s purchased, with a few remodifications.

However, celebrities often fully-redesign a house that they purchase, since they have the money and resources to do so. So a house may be bought simply on factors such as the amount of land and/or the house’s square footage.

As previously mentioned, a home that’s owned by a celebrity already has more value. They take that and run with it, meaning the next buyer is going to be paying for it.

2. Pocket Listings

You may be wondering how can celebrities sell their homes without their billing address being exposed?

They use something called a pocket listing. It’s a way of selling their home while maintaining full privacy as they test the market, incentivize an ongoing sale, or reduce commissions on the realtor they’re using.

It’s a great way for celebrities to get the maximum value for their home in a trustworthy process that’s worked for millions of others. 

However, they may also choose to test the market on a flat fee MLS, which can entitle them to more leverage in negotiations and gain access to a wider-range of potential buyers.

3. Word of Mouth

Whether you realize it or not, the celebrity world is full of chatty Kathy’s, and they love to talk with each other about business endeavors.

Since almost all celebrities have a general net worth to them, which is known to the public, other celebrities use this to their advantage.

Knowing the price of their house, and the net worth it would take to afford it, celebrities set up conversations with each other to see if there’s mutual interest.

That can lead to several qualified candidates for the selling celebrity and their realtor to discuss details further. Now imagine several cases of that… before long, the selling celebrity may have a bidding war for their house.

There are also other circumstances that lead to celebrities talking realty with each other.

For example, when Paul Goldschmidt was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals last year, Albert Pujols (former Cardinals player) reached out to Paul to see if he was interested in buying his old house in St. Louis.

Instances like this happen frequently among celebrities and are a prime way that negotiations start for old houses.

4. Social Media

One of the biggest platforms at any celebrity’s disposal is their social media channels. Their brokers use this as a tactic to sell their house.

No, you won’t see Lebron James posting a “buy my old house” pitch on Instagram.

But their brokers will use it as a key communication device among other celebrities and wealthy parties.

Social media gives a lot of insight into buyers’ interests, lifestyles, and personalities… all key indicators of an interested buyer for a house with a certain theme.

4. The World-Wide Web

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, if celebrities and their realtors aren’t seeing the expected interest within their networks, they’ll resort to the internet.

Again, they still aim to keep it as discreet as possible to protect the celebrity and their family’s privacy.

Mainly, you can find them on pocket listing sites that are attached to high-level cities such as Los Angeles (for obvious reasons). 

Not anyone can just comb through listings like these, you’ll need to register and field a few questions before being given the “catalog” to open listings of this magnitude.

5. The Rank of Realtors

Last but not least, a celebrity uses the advantage of getting those realtors who have a proven track record of success.

Most often they’ll only use those that are referred to in their network. Realtors that have sold homes of similar value or sold the home of another celebrity that they’re close with.

This tactic is as crucial for them as it is for you. They depend heavily on the realtor’s resources and guidance through a process they aren’t too familiar with.

Do All Celebrities Have Realtors: They Should!

There you have it, the simple answer to the magnificent question of do all celebrities have realtors? If they don’t, they are making a huge mistake!

If you’re interested in selling your home, it would be advantageous for you to have a realtor as well.

Be sure to circle back with Celeb Homes often for all the cool information on big-time homes and ways you can get in on the fun!