If you’re looking for new or replacement windows, you can quickly find that you have a plethora of options available to you! Energy efficiency, ventilation, clear views, and aesthetics are all factors that go into different window designs. 

To help you choose, read on for our top selection of window types.

How to Choose Window Designs

You’ll want to make sure that the window you choose suits the aesthetics of your house’s exterior. This is actually one of the easiest ways to narrow down your options, as certain styles of homes usually come with a certain style of window. 

For instance, colonial-style homes usually have double-hung windows. Here are a few more house and window style ideas to keep in mind:

  • Ranch – Casement, picture, and sliding windows
  • Craftsman – Double-hung windows
  • Contemporary – Usually works with any kind of window
  • International – Picture windows
  • Colonial Revival – Double-hung windows

Remember that you can also invest in custom windows. For instance, you can have the window frame color, hardware finish, and grille pattern changed to your specifications. The size of the window and how it fits with the exterior of your home will also be carefully considered. 

1. Single Hung Window

This is one of the most common and prevalent windows. It’s ideal for narrow outdoor passageways because it doesn’t open on the outside. Instead, you slide the lower sash up. 

Although this doesn’t give as much ventilation because only the lower part opens, these windows are affordable and energy-efficient. They also have a minimal and classic appearance that works with any kind of interior decor. 

2. Double Hung

This is functions the same way as a single hung window, except both the bottom and upper sashes can open. These windows give better ventilation and have a practical design that works for any kind of decor or house type.

These windows have reasonable prices and many manufacturers make them, so you have a wide selection available. However, they can be a break-in hazard or a safety hazard for children, especially if they’re mounted lower on your wall.

The large opening at the bottom makes it the perfect place for children to jump through.

3. Casement Windows

Casement windows provide a more modern look with a vintage flair. There’s a prevalent use of them in many European countries.

They open by turning a crank with either a left or right hinge. They often don’t come with any framing bars, which allows an unimpeded view of the outside and ample sunlight. 

Once closed, they provide an energy-saving seal. Because of the cranking mechanism, they’re prone to a higher failure rate, but they’re also more secure against intruders because of the narrower opening. 

4. Picture Windows

Functioning just like a picture, these kinds of windows don’t open. For this reason, they’re also called fixed windows. However, their large and frameless glass expanse allows a beautiful view of the scenery outside.

Since they’re permanently sealed, they have better energy savings than many other window designs. The lack of extra mechanisms also makes them relatively inexpensive.

Of course, these aren’t a good choice in areas of your home that need extra ventilation. 

5. Bay and Bow Windows

These windows are commonly used in family rooms or kitchens. They’re made up of several smaller windows at angles and slightly protrude outward. The large sill they create becomes a functional and cozy window seat.

Bay windows have an angular shape. Bow windows, on the other hand, are curved. These are visually striking windows all on their own and can create an attractive centerpiece of any room. 

However, the amount of framing work hikes the prices up significantly. Since there’s such a large surface area, you’ll probably notice heat loss. 

6. Slider Windows

Slider windows are able to slide sideways for plenty of ventilation while giving an unimpeded view of the outside. Because they are simple to make and operate, these windows are relatively inexpensive.

Since they’re so durable, they’re perfect if you plan on constantly opening and closing the windows. Although their style is somewhat dated and the sizes and shapes are limited, they also offer a simple style and practical functionality.

7. Skylight/Roof Windows

Skylights are fixed windows that are installed on your roofline. Roof windows are also installed on your roofline but provide the extra functionality of being able to open and close.

These are great choices if you need to introduce light to a room where wall space is limited. They’re also great choices if you have a lot of space, or an open-concept room – the center of these rooms often don’t get the amount of light that they need.

You’ll need to be aware that they have a shorter lifespan than other windows since they take significantly more of a beating from sun, rain, and tree debris. You’ll also need a professional to install them, since cutting open a roof is a significantly more technical process. 

Perfect Windows for Your Luxury Home

The number of window designs available to you can be overwhelming, especially when you take into account the ability to further customize them. However, having your home’s aesthetics in mind, the amount of light and ventilation you need in certain areas, and your budget will help narrow down your choices significantly.

From casement windows to bay windows, you also have the option of mixing and matching different window styles to create an attractive home exterior.  

Keep reading our blog for more ways to improve your luxury home!