Is it Pete Davidson need to spend his next Saturday night at the dentist?

It SNLComedy star, comedian and friend, piled on the adorableness on Friday Jan. 28 when he met friend John MulaneyTwo-month-old baby boy MalcolmAnd gave him many cuddles. John uploaded video footage from the cute meeting to his Instagram Story. However, Pete’s eagle-eyed followers noticed a completely new appearance. 

The King of Staten Island actor showed off what appeared to be a chipped front tooth as he smiled and cooed over John’s little one.

Fans started to speculate as soon as the news broke. One saidThe baby could have done that to Pete Davidson’s tooth. One person asked “sir, what’s the matter?”

One user even wanted him to address the incident on an upcoming episode, tweeting“Hello @nbcsnl. Pete Davidson, tell us about how he cracked his tooth. It is possible to do it again, as I know from personal experience.[s]”A good story”