Jeannie shared a hack for new moms on Instagram, Jan. 24, when she posted Frida Mama briefs. Although some people wouldn’t upload a picture of themselves wearing underwear within weeks of giving birth to a child, this is a rare instance. The RealCo-host wanted to share her honest postpartum experience with her 2,7 million fans.

As she passed the mirrors daily, she stated that “I could not believe I was showing an area of my stomach that I wasn’t okay with.” While I understood that my skin would return to normal, and I also knew that my stomach and skin wouldn’t, I wasn’t expecting to still look like I did four or five years ago.

She knew that she was ready to be vulnerable and share her “insecurity” with other women. Jeannie shared, “I am very thankful for honest women out here who respond with support and solutions rather than criticizing.” That’s the essence of community. 

Frida Mama partnered Jeannie with Jeannie to shine light on motherhood and postpartum. The journey led her to discover a number of new products which have since become essentials.