Warning: This post contains spoilers

It’s true, it is too. It’s sadTo handle. 

Netflix’s third season has been released after much frustration and sexual infidelity. Too hot to handle The final episode has ended and the winners were chosen. This episode, the final one, aired January 26, 2006. Harry BeauxThey were named the series’ winners and received $90,000. Nathan finished second, while Georgia was third.

Beaux declared, “It’s unbelievable,” after Lana, an Alexa-like device, announced she had won. Harry continued, “We moved from nothing to being together.”

There were no bitter feelings. Nathan expressed his happiness with Harry and Beaux. “If they could have voted I would vote for them.” 

At the end of the show, multiple couples left hand–in–hand, including HollyNathan Izzy JacksonHolly and Beaux. The question now is: who will be the winner? still together?

wCelebHomes has the solution, but it is not for all romantics.