This actor is one of the most interesting ones alive. And this context, “interesting” as in landing major movie roles (Jerry Maguire, Men of Honor, Radio) and starring in straight-to-DVD movies with Dolph Lundgren. Nonetheless, he has worked with noted actors such as Helen Mirren, Ron Perlman, and Denzel Washington. Cuba Gooding Jr. has also been working steadily, despite those low-rated films he got thrown into. He was actually involved in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete sequel, Machete Kills, which came out last weekend. Good Jr. may not be strapped for cash, but he’s looking to net about $12 million for his prized Pacific Palisades home.

Cuba’s 1941 estate will greet the new owner(s) and guests well with beautiful and proper foliage. Wait til’ they see what the powerhouse residency is packing inside! The interior is elegant, yet simple. Floor plan consists of 7 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. You have a large kitchen, living rooms/dining rooms to choose from, movie viewing room, personal gym, pool, hot tub, fireplace, and a large patio area. The 0.82 acre property also has a skating rink, basketball court, romantic walkways, and backyard playground. To top the cake with a cherry, Cuba Gooding Jr. himself set aside 2 years for the place and dedicated that time towards renovating it.

Address: 14230 Rustic Ln, Pacific Palisades CA 90272