Bright lights, big city – when you’re young, looking for excitement and job opportunities, it makes perfect sense to head to the city and try to make it. But, did you know that you don’t have to squeeze yourself into a tiny, hugely overpriced apartment or find yourself pushed between the doors of the underground train as you head to work every morning to find success?

It’s true! You can still enjoy the same job opportunities and bustling city scene even if you don’t live in the heart of it. By choosing to live in the country, you can still enjoy everything that the city has to offer, but with the added benefits of living in the country. Want to know what they are? Read on for 4 reasons why it’s time to leave the city behind. 


Crime rates in the city are much higher than those in the country. There are fewer people, and anything suspicious or notable is usually highlighted straight away, simply because people know one another and there are often more police officers. Although common sense should still be applied, you’ll feel more comfortable allowing your children to ride their bikes up and down the street – click here if you’re looking for a Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident lawyer – leaving your windows open whilst you’re asleep, or even letting your children walk to school by themselves. The feeling of being safe and secure whilst in your neighbourhood is something you can’t put a price on.

More time in nature

It’s been proven that when we spend more time surrounded by nature, leafy suburbs, rolling fields, or even by the ocean or lakeside, our stress levels reduce and our blood pressure lowers itself. Country living is a completely different way of life, but you don’t have to live in a forest or on a farm to reap the benefits. Just having access to your own outdoor space or garden can dramatically improve your mental health.

Your health

The countryside has numerous health benefits that you can take advantage of. From the cleaner air, which reduces your risk of allergies and respiratory issues, to the ability to access healthier, organic food choices, and of course as mentioned above – less stress! You’ll be more positive.

It’s affordable 

Don’t be fooled into believing that there are only huge mansions and country estates available in the country. You’ll find a huge variety of properties ideal for couples, single people and growing families. You’ll also get more for your money, access to good schools, and you’ll enjoy cheaper public transport and household essentials.

Final thoughts…

Would you ever consider moving to the countryside?