Every beautiful celebrity home always showcases one key component and that is comfort. There are few things more comfortable than a luxurious bath.

You don’t need to be a celebrity to enjoy a beautiful bath. There are many gorgeous bath trends that can take your personal hygiene to the pinnacle of comfort and beauty.

Eager to transform your bathroom into a celebrity’s dream? Let’s check out these awesome luxury bath trends. 

The 5 Best Luxury Bath Trends

Despite the simplicity of a bathtub, there is constant innovation in the aesthetic, style, and comfort you can apply to a bathtub. Often the best luxury tubs are ones who can find a perfect crossroads of simplicity, comfort, and unique style. 

Check out these 5 luxury bath trends that have been wowing everyone. 

1. Deep Soaking Tubs

One of the constant styles of bathtubs is the deep soaking tub. These tubs have a tall lip and sloped sides to allow for someone to lounge in the hot water of the bathtub and submerge most of their body.

These tubs can come in the classic ceramic white, but with there massive surface area, you have a lot of space to add interesting designs. A perfect bathtub if you want to relax the hours away in peace. 

2. Black Contrast Tubs

There are few things more simple and powerful in interior design than contrast. Black tubs are a simple idea but can craft an extra layer of opulence to even the most basic of bathrooms.

The idea takes the standard white bathrooms, which provide a nice, neutral, and calming color to start with. Like a beautiful gemstone, the freestanding black tub then stands out in the room, providing a natural draw. The sharp color is eyecatching, while still remaining simple and clean. 

3. Comfortable Walk-In Tubs

Shiny aesthetic and spa-like comfort isn’t always in the cards for those looking for a new bathtub. Sometimes convenience is king and the walk-in tub is the king of convenience. 

Walk-in tubs can help prevent a lot of common bathroom accidents. They also allow an elevated sitting position, letting you relax in the tub without risk of submerging due to fatigue. 

4. Freestanding Tubs

Sometimes a simple statement can spell out all the luxury you’ll ever need. A freestanding tub can use the power of interior design to make a room feel less like a simple bathroom and more like a luxurious spa.

The freestanding tub sets away from the walls, giving a centerpiece feel to your bathtub in the same way a throne might feel. Freestanding tubs also can have a few designs to help them stand apart, like unique sculpted feet instead of blending in with a wall the way a normal bathtub might. 

5. Modern Art Marble Tubs

Luxury and art always go hand in hand, no matter the era or function. It is no wonder why one of the most unique bathroom upgrades comes in gorgeous modern art marble bathtubs.

Mixed material marble, with multi-color swirls and artistic arrays of dots, can make for an outright gorgeous bathtub. Even the simplest of marble material can create the perfect bathtub. 

Finding Clean Comfort in Luxury

Each of these bath trends might be the perfect addition to your home. If you want to dive into a renovation project for your bathroom, these trends are a great place to start!

The bathroom is only one place of wonderful comfort. There is much more you can see and try by checking out the latest celebrity homes. Check out our other articles and find more luxury trends today!