You can expect more Gotham!

Following the box-office smash success of Batman, HBO Max has officially announced plans for a limited series about the Caped Crusader’s archnemesis. This series is being tentatively named The PenguinWill star Colin FarrellRobert, the film’s supervillain. 

This limited series expands on the director’s world. Matt ReevesIn the movie. Farrell will also executive produce this project alongside Reeves. Dylan Clark Lauren LeFrancThe showrunner will assume writing and running duties.

The team is expected to further explore the backstory of the Penguin—real name Oswald Cobblepot, or Oz for short—and the seedy ways he influences the city of Gotham.

The Penguin fell on Colin’s screen and he exploded onto the screen. BatmanReeves released a statement saying that he was thrilled to be able to fully explore the life of Max on HBO Max. Lauren, Dylan and me are excited to help continue Oz’s tale as he struggles for Gotham Power.