Kelly Machine GunAn online video struck a chord.
Recently, a TikTok user—who said that he works at a Guitar Center—posted a video claiming that MGK doesn’t Indeed play his guitar during his performances, citing the position of the “kill switch” feature on the rocker’s pink Schecter guitar.
The user claimed that the video “cuts all the volume” and “completely silences the music.” Later in the video, the social media user included a photo that showed the kill switch of MGK’s guitar in the downward position—and also concluded his clip by including a photo of Not MGK—but a blonde Pete Davidson instead.
MGK responds by flipping the switch and responding with a TikTok.
In the musician’s TikTok shared on March 9—which was stitched alongside the original—the 31-year-old artist showed himself holding his own guitar, telling the camera, “He reversed engineered it to look like that.” In his caption, he added the following: “This man flipped the kill button in the other direction for his video.”