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You can almost guarantee that a TikTok viral video will sell quickly. Sadly, that is the case with the pink slip dress from Zara, which has been called the “perfect pink dress” by TikTok.

A few weeks ago, TikToker Marina Rough (@inchargeofoutfits) posted an unboxing video of the now famous pink dress, which she said was a dress to get if you missed out on the Skims bubblegum pink slip dress.

Over 2.1 million people have viewed #zarapinkdress since then, with many TikTokers uploading videos of their own wearing the dress. The color is a popular choice for both spring and summer. Others love how flattering it is, and it seems to work for different body types. Its $60 price tag is even more appealing. 

A dress this beautiful is bound to go out of stock. We searched the internet for a Zara pink dupe that is just as stylish and flattering. Some options also come at a lower price. Check out our findings below.