Shave or not. 

Cole SprouseShared that Versace had chosen to have his nipples shaved in a recent collaboration. This was for a promotional photo shoot promoting the new Versace eyewear capsule. 

It Riverdale star unveiled the final product of the collab on Instagram Thursday, Feb. 10, captioning the post, “They shaved my nipples for this so please like and subscribe to my channel.”

The post shows off the new Versace optical frames along with his freshly shaven bod peeking through an unbuttoned, Versace-printed shirt. 

Even though his photo showed a bit more skin than normal, he had an even better shot. 13 Reasons You Should Care actress Tommy DorfmanShe said, “screaming.” Co-star KJ ApaTogether with his partner, Clara BerryWith a like, he approved of the steamy posting Reese Witherspoon“Son of a woman” Ava Phillippe.

Cole’s fresh look included a change in his hair color. He hasn’t sported the same black hair since he joined. RiverdaleJughead is the clever narrator in this series and has embraced his blonde locks again.